Unlocking the value of culture by measuring wellbeing

At QWB Lab our mission is to unlock the wealth of wellbeing in our world.

Through data analytics, measurement, and technology solutions we empower cultural organisations to realise the potential of wellbeing.
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Find out more
Realising the true value of museums, art galleries, and heritage organisations means understanding the wellbeing they generate for us, our communities, and our cities.
Using an array of tools, QWB Lab offers a way to measure, show, and develop the incredible value that museums generate through the civic wellbeing that they create.
The outcomes you can achieve:
Unlock Value
Understand and articulate your wellbeing value proposition and reposition your offering to enhance resourcing.
Improve Wellbeing
Identify pathways and activities for access and participation and improve the wellbeing of your visitors, staff and community.
Resilience & Sustainablility
Increase the benefit of resources applied to arts and culture, unlock value, and build sustainability and resilience.
He toiora kei te pīwai kuinga rau
There is wellbeing at the water source of a hundred streamlets.
Inspired by this Māori proverb, we believe wellbeing exists in many areas of museums, art galleries, and heritage sites. This value can be unlocked for the benefit of your visitors, your organisation, and wider society.

“Importantly, given the centrality of the public value of the arts to our work, it’s clear from our latest New Zealanders and the Arts research that for many, these ‘COVID times’ have amplified the significance of the arts for our wellbeing.”

Stephen Wainwright
Chief Executive
Creative New Zealand

“The role of art as a means for increasing wellbeing in a fast changing and complex world is now well understood. However, while we understand the impact anecdotally, we haven’t had a tool for recording and reporting on wellbeing in specific and measurable ways. Being involved in the development of a tool that will give us a better understanding of what effect our programmes have on our visitor’s wellbeing is really exciting and of great value to us – and our visitors!”

Blair Jackson
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū