We facilitate your understanding of wellbeing and its landscape.

QWB Lab’s digital platform powers data analytics and the measurement of wellbeing through unique tools - the Wellbeing Footprint and the Wellbeing Calculator.

How does QWB Lab work with your organisation?
QWB Lab engages stakeholders to understand their wellbeing aspirations and uses data driven processes to identify wellbeing value and pathways to improve it.
Data Narratives
Data Analytics unlocks knowledge and insight to generate value from enhanced visitor experience to improved operations. And a compelling business case for funders.
Wellbeing Management System
Our processes can support existing management frameworks to create a Wellbeing Management System.
The outcomes you can achieve:
Unlock Value
Understand and articulate your wellbeing value proposition and reposition your offering to enhance resourcing.
Improve Wellbeing
Identify pathways and activities for access and participation and improve the wellbeing of your visitors, staff and community.
Resilience & Sustainablility
Increase the benefit of resources applied to arts and culture, unlock value, and build sustainability and resilience.